Hollywood Avenue

The proposed truck highway would cross this ecologically sensitive part of the Bound Brook.

Background: The Borough of South Plainfield is proposing to build an ill-advised diesel truck highway directly through ecologically sensitive wetlands in the Dismal Swamp. If instituted, the proposed highway would cause environmental degradation, create safety and health risks, and increase the potential impacts of flooding, which is already a problem in South Plainfield. This proposal would further accentuate flooding problems by creating more impermeable surfaces, which will funnel stormwater in South Plainfield neighborhoods instead of into the wetlands.

In April 2011, the Borough submitted an application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for a freshwater wetlands permit, flood hazard area permit, and flood hazard area verification. On May 31, 2011, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection replied to the Borough of South Plainfield’s application with 18 deficiencies.

Take Action:

  • Send an email to Matthew Resnick (Matthew.Resnick@dep.state.nj.us), NJDEP case manager for this project, and tell him to continue to deny all permits for this project. Click here to view a sample letter.
  • Contact Mayor Anesh and tell him to put trucks back on Hamilton Boulevard! Call him at 908-769-5791, or email him at anesh@southplainfieldnj.com.