Visitor Opportunities

Helen Street Wetlands in South Plainfield

If you’ve never been to the Dismal Swamp, the best way to get in is through the Triple C Ranch, located at 206 Tyler Road, Edison, NJ 08820. The Triple C Ranch is open to the public on weekends in April through October from 11AM-4PM.

Click here for directions to the Triple C Ranch.

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For other locations, which are especially good for birding, click here: Wild New Jersey Exclusive: Birding the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area

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Passive recreational opportunities include hiking, biking, bird-watching, and  nature photography. For hikers, the Triple C Ranch will also connect with the proposed Middlesex Greenway recreational walking trail. Hunting and the use of motorized vehicles in the swamp is illegal and strictly enforced.

Dismal Swamp guided tours are available for school groups of all ages, scout troops, senior groups, civic groups, and all other groups. Starting from the Triple C Ranch, tours explore the many visible ecosystems in the Dismal Swamp while learning the history of the area.  Habitats explored include freshwater wetlands, wooded wetlands, forested uplands, vernal pool, wild meadow, river and pond. Tours MUST be scheduled in advance.

To schedule a tour today, call 732-321-1300 or email us at

Environmental Education

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MacroInvertebrate and Water Quality Studies: Approx: 1 – 1 ½ hours
Explore different aquatic ecosystems on the Triple C Ranch and in the Dismal Swamp. Help “Agent H20” do a survey of the different macroinvertebrate (no backbone) organisms found within those water systems. Be prepared to get your hands wet!

Birding Basics: Approx: 1-1½ hours
Stop, Look and Listen.  These three steps help identify the birds around us. Learn about the different habitats, species and and their important niches in the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area.  Learn how to attract birds and get hands-on in creating new habitats.

Turtle Talk & Walk: Approx: ½ – 1 hour
Many different species of turtles live in the Dismal Swamp, from the dinosaur-like snapping turtle to friendly red-eared sliders. Get a hands-on approach to learning about these turtles. Maybe you’ll even spot Snappy T. Turtle! (Spotting turtles in the wild is best from March – October.)